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Do You Feel Like Life Is Out of Control? Do You Feel Overwhelmed and Overloaded? Do You Feel the Weight of "Potential?"

At the start of every year you probably shout, "This year is going to be different!" You believe it enough to write down some goals. You tell a few people about the strides you are about to make and they better stay out of your wake.

Yet, a few short weeks (or days) later the old pattern is back. You drift through the days. You know you are meant for so much more and yet the gap between your reality and your potential widens.

You've got the potential to...

  • Lose the weight you keep talking about.
  • Become the parent your children deserve.
  • Make the money you keep promising those around you.
  • Grow into the leader your people can't wait to follow.
  • Publish your book and finally become an author.
  • Follow your dreams and live in an exotic location for 6 months.
  • Make each day count as you lay down in peace when night falls.

Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work... For Most.

This year really can be different, but it's not going to just happen. And it won't happen following the same old tired goal setting programs.

Traditional goal setting can't work most people because it's designed for...

#1 The Extremely Disciplined

#2 The Extremely Focused

Do those describe you? If not, then you probably notice that you start strong then hit the three Ds... Distraction, Disillusionment and Discouragement. They're momentum killers and shatter more dreams than a bull in a china shop. That's why...

It's Time... Actually, It's Past Time

This might sound a little violent... but...

Are you ready to kick "Quit" in the throat? Ready to punch procrastination in the face? Ready to stop resenting how each year reminds you of what you haven't attained yet?

Are you ready to shake your potential until it cries for mercy? Ready to blow past the barriers? Ready to  point at the naysayers and haters and prove them wrong?

We can call it playing small, not stepping up to the plate or living below your calling. The frame or the phrase doesn't matter because it's time.

Time to take your life back.

checksI've got six checks sitting on my laptop. Potentially they are worth hundreds of dollars to me. The value is there. Waiting. Waiting for me to sign. Waiting for me to take action.

I can stare at them all I want. I can wish they were cashed. I can look back and admit that they should have been deposited last week.

None of the matters. The potential is there. Waiting for me to do something with it!  Just like all of the possibility waiting inside of

The danger in not living up to your potential is the gaps it creates.

Take weight for example. Let's say you weigh 200 pounds, but want to weight 170. There's a 30 pound gap. 30 pounds could potentially be lost.

You could potentially be happier, healthier, more energized, more engaging. You could be getting asked, "What are you doing? You look great!" Potentially. All of that is possible.

Use that graph and fill in some blanks and add your own. What's your potential?

Unleash Your Potential!

The anchor of Launch Your Year consists of two prime components. 1) The 5 Stones High Achievers System & 2) Launch Your Year Masterclass

01: 5 Stones High-Achiever System!

The anchor of Launch Your Year is 5 Stones. This unique system finally puts you in the driver's by empowering you with a complete plan.

5 Stones (TM) does something no other achievement program does... it allows you to measure and rate the level of your goals and the effort it will take to reach them. It does this across the five essential elements of predictable achievement... skill, knowledge, experience, time & effort.

Most of the time we put "lose five pounds" in the same category as "start an online business." They're not the same. The level of difficulty, effort required, planning needed and focus mandated shifts for each goal. 5 Stones shows you how to determine the strength of your goal and what it will take to reach it. That way you can stay the course and predict the outcomes.

  • This is the proprietary process Paul uses day in and day out to crush it.
  • You get the complete system, which includes the 3 areas every goal setting program lacks.
  • The 5 Stones Workbook to use as you watch the sessions.
  • 5 Stones Performance Planner to leverage each day to the max.

The 5 Stones High-Achiever System usually sells as a stand alone for $97, but you get a hefty break to help you launch your year! You get immediate access after registering.

02: LAUNCH YOUR YEAR Masterclass...

This will be the most important hour of life when it comes to determining your next year. In truth, if you use the principles and process shared in this class, you will never be the same again.

  • Create a invincible 90 day plan.
  • Answer the ONE question that will rock your life forever.
  • Select and measure your end results with the Wheel of Life.
  • Learn and apply the four quadrants of the Optimized Results Model.
  • Rate your MILEstones against 5 Stones to determine the focus required.
  • Gain confidence and momentum heading into the new year!
  • Discover the secret to getting disciplined even if you find yourself compromising again and again.
  • Discover your big wins of the year.
  • Find out what stops mosts dreams and where yours tend to get stolen
  • Discover your theme for the year and your quarter. This helps you under stand why you're doing what your doing.
  • Become confident, clear and equipped to make 2018 your best year yet
  • Learn and apply the four quadrants of the Optimized Results Model.
  • Determine who best can help you reach your goals.
  • Know what you need to do and what you need to hand off.
  • Get clear on what constitutes progress and what wastes energy.
  • Design your overall purpose for the year... VISION
  • Determine what you want to accomplish for the year... GOALS
  • Develop your first 90 days... PROJECTS
  • Deploy what you need to do daily... ACTIONS

John Maxwell, leadership expert, says "it's not about getting through the year, it's more about getting from the year." In order to do that, you have to design and plan. As Zig Ziglar said, "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."

Winning is a choice made each day. Decide once on the goal. Decide daily on the action. Launch Your Year gives you the training and tool to make the decisions easy.

Your 90 Day Plan Journal

  • Edit based PDF. Just type in your answers, plans, dreams and more.
  • Easy to use calendar for the first 90 days.
  • Step-by-step challenging and encouragement
  • 90 day action sheets for each quarter of the year!

Mission Control

Stay Focused and On Fire with Launch Your Year. Here's What's Inside the Members Area To Help You Gain and Keep Momentum...

5 Stones!

You get immediate access to 5 Stones. Start immediately mapping out your goals. Dive into the the 5 Stone measures. use the CORNERstones to locate the pretty and the ugly. Create your FIREstones to keep you focused and on fire. You will love this system! You can use it today! ($97 value)

Your 90 Day Plan

  • 24/7 replay of the Launch Your Year Masterclass event above after it's concluded.
  • Presentation Slides
  • MP3 audio for when you are on the go.
  • $197 Value!

Launch Your Year Bonuses...

The Launch Your Year live webinar, 90 Day Plan, 90 Day Journal, and all the resources in Mission Control will give you an amazing blast-off! But you also get these tools will ensure you get the most of each day. You will stay focused and productive!

Achieve Productivity

  • Discover the secrets to controlling your time, mind and actions.
  • Wake up productive and ready to work toward your 90 day plan.
  • Use the Time Travel Journal to discover exactly where your time really goes.
  • Apply the 4W Worksheet to seize the day and lay down at night knowing your life counts.
  • ($97 value)

The Human Time Machine

  • The Human Time Machine is built completely around the timeboxing concept, so it works because it's simple to understand and use, and it ties together the three key motivating elements that push your brain to take action
  • It allows you to quickly and easily assign each mini-goal a specific timeframe or deadline (fuel for motivation).
  • It turns your daily actions/tasks into doable mini-goals
  • Plus, it's flat out sexy to use as you accelerate productivity!
  • ($197 value)

Success is NOT an Accident!

3 Core Elements Separate Those Who Achieve Their Goals and Those Who Don't...

  • Education

    You learn the necessary steps to take. You refuse the status quo. You enter the classroom because you know the knowledge will empower you. You take this step during the live training and the additional courses provided.

  • Installation

    Obviously, it’s not enough to simply learn, you need to apply that knowledge. You’ll take this step as you use the 90 Day Journal and the 5 Stones Performance Planner.

  • Transformation

    After education and installation comes transformation. You apply the training over and over. Racking up success and momentum. Soon there’s no turning back because the old you is gone.

Let's Start Right Now!

5 Stones, Achieve Productivity, The Human Time Machine & The 90 Day Plan Journal Are All Waiting For You Immediately After Checkout!

Are You Ready? Ready To Take Back Your Life, Unleash Your Potential, and Rock 2018?

You would expect Launch Your Year to be hundreds of dollars. In fact, it should be. But I didn't want money to be an excuse for you to not crush 2018.

Only $97!

Give Yourself 30 Days!

  • Learn and apply Launch Your Year
  • Leverage the 90 Day Plan
  • Harness the strength of 5 Stones
  • Tap into the power of Achieve Productivity
  • Control your time as a Human Time Machine

If you're not shattering the atmosphere in 30 days just ask for a refund

Only $97!

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